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As much as I love to get away and jump on a plane at every given opportunity, being in the middle of a masters and rather broke means that most days I only venture as far as my back garden in Surrey.

These last couple of weeks the mini heatwave we have been having has coaxed all of the flowers in my garden out and its awash with colour. One of my favourite things about spring in England is the explosion of flowers and trees into life. It manages to make  me feel a little bit like I’ve escaped to a tropical paradise. Japanese red maple leaf dancing in the sun (left) and mauve anemone blanda (below).

                                                                                                                                                                           Although it might not be the same as shadow dancing on a beach in Bali, it’ll do for the time being…



just about


to burst.

Welsh poppy                ReFleCtIoNs


    Enjoy England…          © Ianthe Butt 2011

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Hello, buenos dias, bonjour, selamat pagi and all that jazz.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Ianthe, a writer and a wanderer.

Since graduating from university I’ve spent the last five years scribbling words about my travels into notebooks mostly around Asia, returning to England to earn money and do work experience at publishers, newspapers and mags.

A year ago  I decided it was time to give writing a go for real, and I’m currently studying for a  masters in Magazine Journalism at City University and giving it a go as a fully fledged travel journalist.

I love getting lost in every city I visit, having my life thrown into a backpack, meeting people seeing places. More than that I love sitting and looking, noticing the little things that other people might rush past and chewing on an old bic biro before trying to get the essence of a place down on paper.

As well as my own travel stories, reviews and photography this blog will also cover some of the practicalities of being a travel journalist.

I hope you enjoy my globe scribblings…

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